2 comments on “On Marriage

    • I see where you’re coming from, but to add on to my beliefs/views about the whole issue, If I’m not mistaken, I remember back in early 2000s and before the movement originally was going for civil union more so than gay marriage, which is way easier to ‘sell’ than marriage. In my opinion, since marriage has the religious connotations, it would strategically make more sense to try to get civil unions for LGBT type…relationships(?, since I’m not using marriage, phrasing’s getting confusing), accepted/approved/recognized by state law for all fifty states first, than push for marriage being available afterwords.

      Quite frankly, to me it seems like the movement at large is trying to run before it can crawl; it’s way harder to convince someone to change their moral/religious views -with the exception of politicians- than it is to get people to view something from a legal standpoint: being married to someone for multiple years only to get screwed in the end because the state doesn’t recognize your relationship and, therefore, are not granted the same legal rights as marriage. Consequentially, it would be at least slightly easier to push for gay marriage after getting civil unions for LGBT type relationships passed/recognized in every state because the system’s basically already there, it’s just getting (straight) people to accept LGBT relationships to also be able to take advantage of the religious clusterf*ck which is marriage which can, honestly, be a vertical battle.

      In all, straight people being able to vote on gay marriage is a whole ‘nother B.S. issue entirely, but I do believe that pushing for civil unions being recognized and supported in every state is way ‘easier,’ and strategically more sound, than to push for gay marriage from the start. However, it (i.e., marriage for LGBT) should definitely be something sought after civil unions are recognized by every state, it’s basically just a matter of a 20+ – year -well thought out- plan versus the 1+ -year -instant gratification- plan.

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