2 comments on “Newest Videogame Purchase

  1. Great choice. The “Tales of” series of games are awesomeness. Tales of Xillia is announced for 2013. Also, don’t worry about Persona 4 arena. The prices of fighting games drop fast, so it will pay to wait a few months. Should be down to $20ish as new-comers to the series have been complaining at there not being enough characters. A new Persona 4 Golden is on its way this fall. Ohh, and if you’re into anime-style games, Last Story is coming soon as well. *Facepalm-to-me**–I work at a video game store…Really need to stop talking game-talk on my days off but can’t resist:(

  2. Yeah, I usually wait several months, sometimes a couple years, before I buy a game, since I try to buy it used & on ebay.com/amazon.com for nearly half the price it was originally.

    I so f’ing love the Tales of series, it’s one of the few game series where I played & beat almost every game I bought up to this point. I’ve personally played through ToS, ToA, ToL, ToV, & am almost done with Tales of the World, so I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while now. I was so excited when I found out ToX was licensed for the US & can’t wait to get my hands on that game since it looks absolutely gorgeous >.<

    I'm saving up to get a PS Vita (ssooooonn…) since I'm a Sony girl & so I can get a shot at the P4 remake as well, & Last Story seems really good, but I'm still working on the epic awesomeness which is Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Heck, I probably got 20+ games I'm working on right now, and this list just keeps getting longer =.=

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