18 comments on “I HATE Fandoms >.<*

  1. Wow. This article is actually scary, in that I agree with you 100%. I’m not ready to toss the “L” word out there yet, but let’s just say we are soul mates our hatedom (o.O)

    • I’m glad you like the article! It’s just that ever since Otakon 2012 & hanging out with certain friends I decided that I just had enough of the whole fandom game. I never got into fandoms that much as it is, most of the times I was just “lone ranger”-ing a lot of things that I liked, so I wasn’t nearly as annoying as the fandom at large (like with yaoi, for example), so when I started to confront the Dr.Who, Avatar, etc. fandoms more (thanks Tumblr), I dedcided that I had it -.- Granted, the fandom that gets me the most right now is Homestuck, since it keeps trying to force its square peg in the triangular hole which is the anime community ~.~

  2. I try to give anything a chance. Checked out Homestuck a while ago to see what all the buzz was about. Although the sad graphics do improve as the web-series goes on, I didn’t understand why people got so crazy over it until attending a few cons this year & noticed that a majority of their fandom are tweens. These same persistent fans also happen to make up a heavy part of the equally annoying My Little Pony fan base. (-.-) /sigh. With luck, when school starts, they’ll be too busy for Tumblr.

    And yes. It bothers me all day when American shows/comics are referred to as anime. Athough this is the first time I’ve expressed this opinion online lest I cross over into the dark side–>part a maniacal, disillusioned fandom.

  3. I also don’t understand the unnecessary hype about Homestuck, & I also agree with you that it’s good, but still…

    Yeah, the fandom being mostly tweens explains why its fandom is so ever-loving annoying! It’s like the Narutards 5+ years back but on steroids -.- What’s even more annoying is seeing the ppl. around our age get that hype about it ~.~ Like, what’s your excuse? I pray to jeebus that they’ll be too busy for Tumblr >.> I’m sick of, despite who I’m following & the tags I’m tracking, there’ll be moments when my dash is overrun with Homestuck, & I’m just like DX<

    Avatar came around during that time when several American cartoons came about that I like to call "anime-esque". They're trying to pass as American anime, but it wasn't anime. Little did I know the Avatar fandom would be the DBZ that would never die -.-

    Also, I failed to mention how annoying the Hetalia fandom is, which is one of the main fandoms I dislike, & is probably the only one where I also don't like the focus of the fandom since it's so…racist & disrespectful. And again, mostly tweens -.-

  4. Someone had to say it – thank you. It’s a borderline personality disorder when people get obsessed with shows and games and bands to the point where it’s basically all they can talk about. I’ve followed people on Tumblr who seemed cool at first, but then they’d reblog no less than 3 dozen gifs of some guy slightly turning his head to the right from some show. It’s scary – in a world with so many things to enjoy, including that show/game/band/celeb or whatever, why do so many people get so attached to these things? Why can’t people love something without becoming a raving lunatic about it? I now know what it must be like to be a celebrity and have weirdos who think you want to be their friend and do nothing but talk about some character they played in some movie 10 years ago.

    • It’s even worse when you factor in fanfiction, merchandise, etc. of their crazy fandom obsession. All in all, it’s because of this I’ve absolutely given up on fandoms (Homestuck & the Pokemon gamer fanbase especially) & why I avoid those that are super obsessed with something. Also, I should add that Tumblr makes everything 1000% worse since it’s so easy to spam your obsession to the point of lunacy.

  5. Oh good God, you’re entirely right! I’m sick of fandoms right now, in every one there’s in fighting, ship wars, flaming, trolling, people who get grumpy and angry over insignificant matters, the annoying people who post the same things over and over again, the pompous douches and elitists, and fandom and shipping wars. Then there are the people who think only their opinions and interpretations matter and everyone who disagrees is wrong. I left out a lot I’m sure, but you get the idea. I rarely join fandoms, or even post on forums about a certain topic, but I have joined two fandoms in the past and ended up leaving both of them. The first fandom had some maddening people in it, and the fact that I stopped liking the object of the fandom contributed to my leaving it after only a few months (I have a strong dislike and distaste for it now, I get a headache just thinking about it). The second fandom is one I’m just now leaving before the fans influence how I feel about the object of the fandom, which I adore. I don’t want bitterness and bad memories of what I’ve seen in fandom to flood through my mind whenever I think of it. Since I know myself, I know I’ll move on and forget about it before too long. It’s not important enough to dwell on and get you crushed like that. And about the personality disorder part…I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people in fandoms (particularly the nastier ones we’re talking about) do have psychological disorders of varying intensities. I’m by no means saying everyone in a fandom does. But focusing solely on one thing like that for inordinate periods of time is escapism, perhaps spurned from bad home and social lives, depression, etc. Such single fixation is also a sign of autism. I’ll admit that in my case, I do get fixated on things throughout erratic periods of time, it happens suddenly and it’s intense, almost obsessive, but I also tend to move on very quickly (some people, alternatively, stay fixated on a single thing for years upon years, as you brought up with DBZ and Avatar, and which is true of Harry Potter, etc). I’ve had hypochondria, depression, and OCD since I was young, which I’m sure does contribute to the intense fixation for different reasons, and yeah, it’s hard. In the case of fandoms, I tend to avoid joining them at all because I know the bad things that come of it, plus it consumes too much time. I cut off ties to fandom and my object of interest fairly quickly, before it turns to out of control obsession. It really does negatively influence your life and relationships, and even makes your problems worse a lot of times. And the harsh environment of most fandoms contributes to this, sadly.

    • Oh, God don’t even get me started on ship wars ~.~ Makes me hate everything even more (especially when it comes to forcing yaoi on a situation that it was never meant for) & the same goes for trolls in general; they make you afraid to express any feelings on anything for fear of being ridiculed, chastised, or outright insulted. The ppl. who act like “experts” on whatever the fandom thing is are worse, namely those who are condescending towards anybody else speaking on the matter that isn’t repeating the exact ‘doctrine’ that the self-proclaimed ‘expert’ believes. Personally, I only really enjoying a certain show, etc. via cons, I rarely traverse anything online (mostly annoying a$$ tweenagers desperately trying to fit into something or outright trolls >.>), & at least with a face-to-face, it’s easy to just walk away if their level of B.S. gets to the unfathomable point.

      I’m curious to know which fandoms, but definitely that’s the problem with them in general; they ruin whatever their focus is for you, like the Dr. Who (Whovians), Gundam, Black Butler fandom, & slowly make you hate the focus. It’s for this reason I try to ignore the fandom throughout my getting into a series, etc. so I can avoid this negative influence.

      I’m glad you brought up the psychological issue piece because that definitely contributes to it. On top of this I would also add the need to fit in & be accepted. Especially in tweenager heavily populated fandoms (like Hetalia & Homestuck), it’s no surprise they hype it up to ridiculous degrees, since that’s kind of what tweenagers do, as well as this need to flock to something ‘popular’ so they can feel like they belong to something bigger that their self & feel like they “fit” somewhere & that they’re “with their ppl.” I’m not saying this is the case for only & all tweenagers, I know adults definitely go through this same…happenstance, but this is a phenomena I definitely expect out of large fandoms populated namely by tweens.
      I’ve also have a habit to somewhat fixate on things (something I believe I got from my Dad), like with Sengoku Basara & Fate/Stay Night, but I also have the ability to consciously avoid making that the sole thing I talk about & will only talk about it with others when they’re interested/relevant to the conversation. However, the way the annoying part of fandoms function, it seems more realistic to believe they have some underlying mental issue to fixate & hype something so much (like with the Homestuck fandom).

      Ultimately, fandoms really take the life out of things & it’s a real shame they let their obsession effect others so negatively.

  6. Testify, sister!(African -American gospel choir voice). In mainstream and indie media alike it seems you can’t go anywhere without encountering the minority of depraved, obsessive fandom cultists posting their love letters to their franchises on random blogs and backing up YouTube comments lists with constant references to them. These lunatics must be stopped, goddammit! Online fandoms are what can only be described as the virtual equivalent of herpes, you think you’ve gotten rid of them, but they just keep coming back! However, You appear to have missed out one of the largest and most frankly damn annoying fandoms of them all. Devoted ‘supernatural’ worshipers. I don’t know if your familiar with the tv show, and i mean its great and entertaining and all, but it seems to have picked up a massive fan following of misfits, obsessive nerds, desperate virgins and just generally those on the fringes of social society. This wouldn’t normally bother me, but these guys, quite frankly, are off the fucking chain, and need to realise that a world exists outside of their beloved tv show, and that not every aspect linked to the show, no matter how tenuous( songs used, actors ect.) needs to have a supernatural reference tied to it! And honestly, these people do not stop. If you look up a song on you tube that might have played in one episode for like 20 secs, no matter how famous it is or what other shows/films it was on, there will be pages and pages of comments about how supernatural is gods gift to mankind, and how attractive the two main characters Sam and Dean are.( I can almost hear their sweaty, pathetic hands tapping away from here) So please, supernatural is a truly awesome show, but on your anti-fandom crusade, add this one to your hit list, because quite frankly, there making everyone who watches the show look bad.

    Pros of fandoms:
    – fun to bitch about, I guess.
    – errrrrrmmmm….

    Cons of fandoms:
    – they represent a bad minority of franchise fans and label and negatively influence people’s general view on said fans.
    -populated by hostile freaks who practically attack you if say a word against their fandom.
    -self righteous and believe themselves to be more enlightened than other ‘non-believers’
    – frankly, their pretty annoying and grind my gears.
    – you can’t seem to surf the web without encountering at least one, which also ruins my day.
    – anything else?

  7. Oh my gosh. I love you, thank you so much for this; you’ve really summed up all my opinions on fandoms in one page, thank you!
    I mean really, i haven’t even been able to get into ANYTHING lately mostly because of these guys, I just plain out refuse to even partake in any of them anymore. They just seem to ruin everything for me. It may be exaggerated, but really, if I see any fandom that has to do with something i’m watching, I just get a bad taste in my mouth and just stop watching or something…
    So, because of this, i’m just more interested in my own characters and stories now :/
    Or, I just watch things that aren’t very popular. I mean, beneath all the overly popular things that everyone just seem to cling onto, there are actually really good anime and webcomics and what not 🙂
    But yeah, I’m really just focused on my own things now, I can’t even seem to enjoy anything now because fandoms just love to go overboard with unoriginal jokes and unoriginal content that has been done before, i’m honestly just sick of it. :/

  8. I SO totally agree. I can’t go ANYWHERE online without some obsessed anime freak harassing me because of my opinion. I am ALLOWED to have one, you know? My very first anime I started watching was, in fact, Naruto.
    I thought it was pretty good, but I stopped watching it when I hit high school because I just got bored with it. I tried to watch it again later on, but I couldn’t get into it. I thought it was good, but now, personally, it feels really drawn out.
    The same with Bleach, I do still like Bleach and I will watch it from time to time, but I can no longer find the point of the show anymore. I am not bashing, it’s just my opinion. I then got bitched out by fantards because of it.
    Really? I grew up with Naruto, and I also have a strong connection with Bleach, but it doesn’t mean I can’t hate something about it.
    I ADORE One Piece, it’s my favorite anime. But the fandom is really pissing me off. It’s full of fangirls and fanboys who do nothing but bitch if someone says something against it. I love the show! But even I hate a few things in it. Sanji is one of my favorite characters, but I feel he got immature after the two year separation, and because of that, I was totally bashed.
    People need to seriously grow up. It’s sad when 30 – 40 year olds start acting like immature twelve years olds. Fandoms are ruining everything I like, especially One Piece. I LOVE the show, but I am so tired of the constant trolling, flaming, bashing that keeps getting shoved down my throat on every site I go on.

  9. I hate tumble altogether, fandoms and all. So many of my friends use tumble regulay and I really think it turns them into basically the same person in terms of interests. They all fangirl/boy about the same things because the internet has told them they are worth fangirl/boying about, not because they really love the art, are honestly touched by it, or can put any level of analytical thought into it. And it’s always good people who get sucked into it, which is the main reason I hate it. It’s no longer a hipster thing and it’s all about trying to compete for pointless attention. In fact, I call it tumble because I don’t consider it a true blogging site, rather more like an ‘amusement’/’mind numbing’ site. I think the moment I find an interesting person who dislikes tumble like I do, I will hug her like I have hugged no one before.

    • I mean, I hate the whole hipster thing altogether but I get where you’re coming from with Tumblr having the tendency to make everyone like the same thing. If you were to go by straight categorization, Tumblr is a blogging site, mostly for pictures, but I understand why ppl. can find it annoying & tedious.

      Granted, I don’t understand doing something simply b/c it’s “hipster”. To me that’s just as bad if not worse than ppl. who like things simply b/c it’s “underground”; that’s ridiculous. Then how does one go about relating to others since everything that person does “is so underground you wouldn’t know it”? That person might as well be a hermit & save everyone the trouble of dealing with them.

  10. Fandoms…fandoms, fandoms!!(angry desperated voice).
    Fandoms are made up of people who never got past the “high school” phase, where they are part of something just because it’s “cool”, “popular”, or they’re part of fandoms as an escape, they are depressed, etc or simply attention whores.
    I was part of two fandoms.First, I got into kpop and mainly the band DBSK, I left because of the immature fans, all the wars, all the hypocrisy and histerical attitude.
    Recently I got into Tolkien’s books, I watched the LOTR and The Hobbit movies and for the past few months I was part of the fandom.They are absolutely insane.
    Fandoms are so not for me.I got better things to do with my time than wasting it on a bunch of crazy obsessed people.
    P.S.: Fandoms are totally ruining books, shows, etc.All that magic.They’re trashing it.

  11. I agree with you and I’m in fandoms myself.
    I especially hate it when people in fandoms I’m in get all batshit crazy over stuff that happens, like fanwars, shipwars, acting like their fandoms the best thing in the world, etc.
    Also, I agree with you on the Pokemon fandom part too, but it’s ironic because thats the game I love the most. I own tons of Pokemon games, but it’s also really weird when people act like it’s the only game that exists. Kind of reminds me of my older sister. From the time she gets home to the time she goes to sleep she’s trying to catch em all.
    Anyways, I realize I’m rambling so I’ll just leave you to your day.

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