4 comments on “Finally! Playing the First Valkyria Chronicles

    • Oh, freakin’ Mission 6 ~.~ I’m not going to go into my epic about how awesome the game is, but some advice (for both battles in Mission 6):

      The first battle in Mission 6 – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DUST STORMS & TRENCHES~!!!! They were dead serious when they said that in the mission briefing, & it’s almost impossible to pull out a win w/o using them to move your ppl. across enemy lines w/o being noticed ’cause the tanks/enemy soldiers will obliterate you if you don’t. On top of this, snipers! They make it waaay easier to get your ppl. to the first camp that’s to the right of your base camp w/o having to worry too much about enemy crossfire (heck, they even give you a space that’s perfect to set up your sniper). To be perfectly honest, you don’t even necessarily need to worry about destroying the other tanks, just use those dust storms to move your ppl. Oh, & Shocktroopers FTW, ’cause they make it easier to mow down enemy soldiers of any class level.

      The 2nd battle in Mission 6 – Pray & luck. That’s really all I can tell ya’ >.> I mean, it only took me 2 tries, but God knows I won it by the skin of my teeth (it was the first time I had a soldier [Shocktrooper, Jane] “killed in combat”). I literally won the battle the round right before they were going to crush my base camp. What little advice I have for this battle is using primarily Lancers & Shocktroopers, Lancers to take down the tank & Shocktroopers to pick off the rest of the soldiers & defend your base. If you leave those other soldiers alone, they WILL slowly pick off your troops (& cause you to have a massive nerd rage attack [like I did >.>], ’cause your ppl. will NOT dodge for crap, save Largo, Alicia, & Rosie -.-). Destroy the radiators (with the Lancers, ’cause I was an idiot that fight =.=’) & use the Shocktroopers for everyone else, & have an Engineer around to restock the Lancers when need be.
      Finally, when you get to the point where you destroy 2 radiators & ‘reinforcements’ (i.e., instant azure death) arrive, USE THE TERRAIN FOR COVER!!! I’ve never had to call ‘MEDIC!” so many times before in a fight, which you will if you don’t use the terrain for cover, namely the ruins closer to your base camp, & it’s pretty much at that point that you bombard the f**k out of that tank with Lancers like your life depended on it…’cause it does ~.~

      Hope this helps ^.^

      • Thanks for the advice! Using a single scout, I usually capture the first control point in the 2nd turn. I had some difficulty eliminating the first lancers thought and kept only advancing my tank while repair it with an engineer. It works well unless the AI decide to rush the tank for the whole turn. I found a good spot for the sniper on the ledge so that they can actually get back into full cover after firing. It works pretty well except for the sniper hidden in the sandbags. Next game, I’ll try to capture the first point and then reinforce that point with Shocktrooper and lancers.

        I need to remember that I can save during the mission because damn.. it’s frustrating to lose your tank in a round when you’ve been playing for more than an hour.

      • No problem! In addition to what I said previously, what I’ve learned from VC 2 that also applies to the first game is, unless you’re destroying heavily armored tanks, special tank oriented missions, &/or breaking down barriers, you really don’t need to use the tank all that much, at least not for missions like these. Shocktroopers are usually the best way to go unless you need to rendezvous at a point in which case Scouts are obviously the way to go. It’s just that Scouts don’t have the firepower & defense like Shocktroopers, so I prefer Shocktroopers to Scouts (even though I usually like the Scout characters better >.>).

        The real kicker is that the 2nd battle in Mission 6 makes the first one look like a cake walk ~.~

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