8 comments on “Cosplayer Issues

  1. The expensive part is what gets me. For each costume we’ve made, we looked at the prices for pre-made ones online and balked. In the end, between everything we spend to make it (even if we’re cannibalizing things from the thrift shops to put stuff together) it’s way more than if I just bought the damn thing in the first place. It’s just spread out more over time. Yeah, there’s the satisfaction of having done it yourself, but damn!

    • Exactly! My Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue) cosplay was exactly like that, especially when you add on the costs for wigs, ‘bells ‘n whistles’ like lights (which is what i’m going through with Valkyria Baldren), & spray paints & sealants, the costs sky rocket. It’s great when you’re in a position you can afford these things; i.e., full-time/nice paying job, but, Christ, is this an expensive hobby ~.~

      I pretty much decided that V. Baldren is definitely going to be a cosplay I wear to as many cons as possible >.>

      • We’re in the building of Ciel Phantomhive’s pink dress for a con this weekend. Even with finding the hoop skirt at Goodwill for $6 (!), between buying the fabric, lace, ribbon, a pattern to modify (again, a $30 pattern on clearance for $3-Booya!), a couple extra bobbins, floral wire for the hat, a tool to do the grommets for the lacing up the back…. I’m sure when all is said and done we’ll have spent more than $200 for it. AND that doesn’t include the value of our time in putting the thing together. So many lost weekends….
        It’s worth it, right? I keep telling myself that.

      • Yeah, I would assume any Victorian era clothing (especially dresses) is going to be ungodly expensive in the end. Basically have to make “it’s worth it” a mantra, else a person would lose all passion to do any type of cosplay ~.~ My experiences with V. Baldren are making me shy away from any/all future cosplays with lots of lights & such >.>

      • I think the trick is to give yourself lots of time, so you’re only spend a few hours/dollars at a time. You don’t notice how much money you’re spending when you’re doling it out $25-30 per shopping trip. Just don’t add it all up in the end. T_T

      • That’s totally true! Even better if I have a nice job to support my hobby, so it’s not readily noticeable how much $$$ I’m spending; granted, kinda an unavoidable unfortunate truth when you calculate costs when coming up with the materials list ~.~

      • Materials list? What is this materials list of which you speak?

        LOL Which is the other part of my problem- I’m always going out and buying crap because I randomly remember or forget things I’ll need.

      • Yeah, I do lists for everything since I know I’ll forget something & so I won’t spend so much $$$ going back and forth to the store because I forgot something.

        I realize as I age I’m getting super anal retentive about making lists/notes for practically everything >.>

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