2 comments on “This Post Might Piss You Off if You Like Anime

  1. Durarara! Hell Yeah who knew I could ‘frap’ to Shizuo/Izaya beating the crap outta each other!! Kya So hot THANK YOU TIVO!! I rape the rewind button ova and ova!!

    Haha DBZ!! get the f°uk over it! Its Dead and Gone! Take that ex fiancee!
    *Ps Ima Sailormoon Girl!

    And Cowboy Bebop Damit Dj Date! Must you remind me how old I am!! Back in the day I watched it all day now fwd what 10 years!! Ehh?

    Cant really get into any anime/manga unless there’s guys kissing!
    Good Job put this on YouTube!!!

    • Lolz on that DRRR! >.< Oh, Della, we're all reminded of our years when reminiscing on Cowboy Bebop ~.~ Used to watch it all the time when they first started showing it on Adult Swim.

      I definitely plan to put this on YouTube at some point…after I finish that epic backlog of YouTube videos ^.^;

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