One comment on “If You Don’t Like What Somebody Posts, Then GTFO

  1. This is sad! A Bytch can’t even post on there own FB page about things THEY bought for THEMSELVES! ‘HEY WORLD GUESS WHAT ALL BLACK PPL ARE NOT GOVERNMENT CHECK CHASING MOFOS’ I’M black No kids. Over 30 own apt, car, and carrer! But I guess I’m Robbin the government to huh? Leave Dj Date alone! This is why I DONT HAVE A FB ACCOUNT!! DJ as a person that was bullied in HS too I feel ya mamma keep your head up YOUR MONEY bought ‘YOUR BELONGINGS ‘ HEll I bought black lagoon bc you did and I watched it all in ONE NIGHT!! FUK THESE HATERS let them HATE bc real Bytches move in silence, and besides she if we don’t say besides we NEED HATTERS!! I MEAN we gotta step on top of them to get to the TOP!!!!

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