Vlog Series

Vlog Soup

Vlog Soup (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Hate All the Things! Vlog Series

Here’s the page for my rant vlog series on YouTube.  Obviously, I’ll list the episodes & links here as I make & upload the episodes.  Of course, subscribe & comment!  Definitely looking forward to how this series turns out…for better or worse >.>  Also, view the channel here.

Major Update (1/13/14): Once my other channel hits 100 subscribers, I’m merging this one (rant vlog) with my NSFW/Yaoi & Bara review channel.  It makes managing videos easier (1 channel vs. 2) & is way easier on me in general.  This way, I’m always releasing some sort of content on either channel without having to worry about having periods of time where nothing is produced on either channel.  Sorry for any inconvenience but this just makes it way more convenient & easier to maintain for me.

Info. About the Vlog

Regular Life Rants

  1. “It’s Just Facebook!”~What you do online DOES matter!!
  2. “Just ASK!!~When ppl. rather start s**t than ask ques. to avoid a conflict
  3. “Get over it!  Of Course XXX happens!”~When ppl. advocate complacency to justify their own bad habits

Geek Culture Rants

  1. Videogames: Pointless Console Wars
  2. Cosplay – White ppl. Complaining About Experiencing Racism in the Cosplay Community
  3. Learning Japanese from Anime


YouTube Channel Cover Artwork

YouTube Channel Cover Artwork

DJ Date Masamune Presents: Yaoi & Bara Reviews

Yes, I did it again, only this time I actually followed through.  Here’s my 18+, NSFW, full-on nudity YouTube channel dedicated to yaoi & bara manga reviews called ‘DJ Date Masamune Presents: Yaoi & Bara Reviews.  I’ll be posting links to vids as I upload them here, so it can serve as a master list for all the manga I’ve reviewed.  Anyway, totally subscribe, share, & like my videos, I’d greatly appreciate that (& constructive criticism/feedback).

To cut back on having to do so many updates in different places, here’s a link to where I’ll be posting links to all my videos as I upload them: http://djdmybr.wordpress.com/youtube-channel/

UPDATE (1/22/14): Due to the general d*ckery of YouTube most uploaders are familiar with; i.e, having a video taken down due to some d*ckfart flagging it & not really being able to do a G.D. thing about it, I’ve started to explore my options in showing my content & have turned to podcasting.  So, here are all the links relating to that:

I ask that you either follow my RSS feed &/or follow/subscribe to my PodOmatic/iTunes as well, since I plan to host the full reviews on there with only trailers of the reviews on my YouTube channel.  Otherwise, channel specific videos will be kept exclusively on YouTube.  I apologize for putting subscribers/followers through so many changes but I can’t stand YouTube’s b.s. policies (like many others) & I refuse to have to constantly deal with this, so to podcasting I go.  Also, this way you can actually take my vids on the road with you as you can now download them.  Lastly, this may be a ‘blessing in disguise’ since I’ve been long remiss in updating my other podcast series that entails J-RPG reviews & this may be the impetus I need to get back into doing that.

So, happy podcasting~!


2MT, 2MG YouTube Channel Screenshot

2MT, 2MG YouTube Channel Screenshot

Did it again!  Since I bought the Elgato Game Capture HD device, I now can record game play footage >.<

That being said, here’s the YouTube channel for that: Too Many Things, Too Many Games & the relating WordPress blog, Too Many Things.

So, you know…please subscribe ^.^


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