Baldren Gassenarl from Valkyria Chronicles 2 Cosplay

Baldren Gassenarl from Valkyria Chronicles 2 Cosplay

Here are a few facts about me…

-College: The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)

-Major: Interactive Multimedia

-Grade Level: Graduated!!!  May 2012

-Day life: Web Content Editor

-Favorite Programming Language: Flash ActionScript

-Current Favorite Game: Valkyria Chronicles

-Favorite color: Purple

-Favorite Social Networking Site: Tumblr

-Favorite Band: Usher & Mindless Self Indulgence (American), T.M. Revolution & Abingdon Boys (J-Pop)

-Favorite Animu Soundtrack: ..? …for now, Sengoku Basara & Utena & Valkyria Chronicles

-Favorite Videogame Soundtrack: Valkyria Chronicles 2 & the Ar Tonelico series

-Favorite animu of all-time @ this point: Fate/Zero, Sengoku Basara, & Gankutsuou

-Favorite Gundam: Epyon & Shinanju

-Favorite Past-time: Arts ‘n crafts, videogames (namely J-RPGs), & listening to music

AUSA 2013 Featured Panelist blurb (DJ Date Masamune): DJ Date Masamune began her conventioning in 2004 at Otakon and has fallen in love with going to cons and cosplay ever since.  In addition to this, she has been into anime, video games, and the like since a wee child and has always enjoyed various medium from Japan.  Due to spending so many years enveloped in so many different geek cultures, she decided for AUSA 2012 that it was now time to share this varied wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and oh so many feels with others in the form of panels.  Join her in one of her many panels covering various video game, anime, and whatever other geek cultures she fancies.

-Current projects: Master Grade 1/100 Shinanju, MG 1/100 Crossbone  Gundam, Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero) & Codarl i/Venom(cancelled) Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night) cosplays for Otakon 2012,

Lu Bu Valkyria Mode Baldren for Otakon 2013, updating my many social networking things, keeping this blog up-to-date, playing demi-photographer, making my panels/getting a panel accepted at a con,working on panel ideas, cosplays…and some other stuffs ~.~

-Favorite thing to worry about: Finances & bills -.-

I’ll add more facts as more things come to mind…maybe…>.>


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