Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero) Cosplay – Outfit

So, here are pictures of the actual costume for Kiri-kun as well as some notes…

Emiya costume overhead shot – closed coat

Emiya costume overhead shot – open coat

So, some notes.  Fortunately, since I’ve been cosplaying for long enough and have built up enough of a cosplay materials cache, most of these items are from previous cosplays or were already part of my wardrobe.  Specifically…

  • Trench coat, bought from Burlington Coat Factory for my Akabane Kuroudo costume in ’05 (~$50-60)
  • Black vest, I bought at Walmart during the Fall of ’09(?) and I never actually wore it.  It was originally long-sleeved, but I cut the sleeves off for my Shizuo (Drrr!) cosplay (~$16)
  • Black pants, originally bought for my Wein Cruz cosplay (’05) or for Akabane (also ’05) from Burlington Coat Factory (~$30)
  • Grey collar shirt, bought from Good Will this year (’12) (~$6)
  • Black silk tie, although solid color ties can be hard to find (at least whatever color you’re looking for at the time), and silk ties are expensive as f*ck (for high quality silk, as much as $200+), my Dad let me have it & originally was for my Akabane costume in ’05.  Benefits of having fairly fashionable/working parents & a previous cosplay that basically was the same thing ~.~


Dark brown loafers

  • Dark brown loafers, bought from Payless Shoes but let me tell ya’, I was originally going to get black loafers, since I can always use a pair of black shoes, but I was like, “Unless they have dark brown loafers that look nearly identical to his shoes, I’ll just buy black shoes”…cue me finding these (perfect) ugly a$$ shoes that I’ll never wear outside this cosplay or for cosplaying in general ~.~  Although these shoes were freakin’ perfect for this cosplay, they’re too ugly for me to wear regularly >.> ($20)

And then…

Kiri-kun’s wig

EDIT: 7/18/12

Actual wig -front

Actual wig -side

  • Kiritsugu’s wig, purchased on, but now there’s multiple sellers selling his wig there, just search “Kiritsugu” ($25.07)


Command seals

  • Team Saber’s command seals, HOLY SHIZ!?  I was sooo happy when I found this site to make custom tattoos >.<  Not only do they make bulk custom orders with the image you upload (which you can resize), you can order smaller orders (like 1-10 and so on) so you don’t have to pay all this money for hundred of tats!  Anyway, they were fairly cheap & this is the best solution for things like command seals ^.^ ($7.71)
  • EDIT: 7/18/12: I also plan to have a black briefcase or duffel bag to carry the guns in.  Depends on what I have home.

Again, for the weapon props, check this site for the detailed list of his &  other Fate/Zero weapons, and look here for my finished props.

UPDATE (7/25/12): See Walther WA2000 progress & completion.


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