AUSA 2013

AUSA 2013 Banner-Edo themed

AUSA 2013 Banner-Edo themed

Let’s get straight to business.  It’s not a new con, so I’ll just hyperlink the con home page & leave it at that.  I have a whopping 8 panels accepted this year, record number to date, half of which were ones I’ve done before & the other half completely brand new.  This year’s panel track:

  • Obscure J-RPGs You Should Play (Available in America)
  • How to Con: Staying in A Hotel
  • Becoming a Panelist
  • BlazBlue: Info. & Other Time-Paradox Buffoonery
  • Bara vs. Yaoi: A Look Into the XY/XY Love Categories
  • Timey-Wimey Anime
  • The Sengoku Era is Alive with the Sound of Anime
  • Guide to Buying ALL THE THINGS: Shut Up & take my Money

Got a lotta work to do & not a whole lotta time.  Definitely come see any one of my panels if you happen to be going to AUSA this year…since you have no choice *w*


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