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Experience By Panel…

  • Bleach
    • Was a really good experience, save going over a little.  Honestly, I’m probably going to need 2 ½ hours for this panel since there’s so much material but I’m just namely going to focus on pacing & such to make sure I stay within my 2 hour time frame.  The audience was good too, asked questions, made comments; overall, very fun.  As mentioned before in a previous post with an encounter with “That Guy” in another panel (link listed below), where, basically, he pulled one of those “I know more than the panelist…” moves, which was dumb b/c: a) Definitely didn’t expect me to be there, b) Didn’t have his own facts straight when stating ‘what I messed up’, c) The “main” thing I ‘messed up’ was purely a subjective thing making it impossible to claim you know more than anyone about it (I said a particular fight took less time in the manga than the anime, not exactly grounds to say “you know more…” in any sense -_-), d) Like all my panels, I was open to comments/questions the entire time, so to sit there for an 1 ½ + & not say anything is on you, don’t pull that “I didn’t want to show up the panelist” bulls**t ‘cause, clearly, you had no intention of being anything but a useless coward & you pretty much cemented the deal by waiting to complain about it at another panel vs. to the panelist face-to-face, e) Seriously, look at this panel: https://fevryone.wordpress.com/con-things/panel-series/katsucon-19-2013/resources-for-katsucon-19-panels/ (Bleach, of course), I worked my a$$ off for this panel (even though it’s just Bleach ~,~), so anyone telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about can suck it, ‘cause I worked my a$$ off.  Heck, he’s probably one of those types of guys that can’t take a woman speaking authoritatively about anything & had his knickers all in a bunch over that, f) People seemed to generally enjoy it (I had a bigger crowd that stayed the entire 2 hours+ than AUSA), so I’m obviously not going to let one d*ckless wonder ruin my overall great experience.  It was just amazing to me ‘cause I was granted an opportunity to stop someone talking s*it about me dead in their tracks & at least cause some question in the legitimacy of their claim by virtue of being there & defending myself, what more could I ask for?  BTW, the panel where I experienced this was Con Rage & it was one of the panelists (which really takes the cake) that pulled this less than cowardly move off.  Why mention it?  ‘Cause this was an awesome panel & I would love to attend it at any con I can ‘cause it was super fun, super awesome, which is the funny ironic part: love the panel, f*ck that panelist (>.>), & I highly recommend anyone 18+ attending this panel, well worth it.  If it wasn’t for the fact I had a panel right after it (freakin’ 3 in the morning DX), I would have stayed the whole time.
  • Yaoi Tropes & Trends
    • HOLY JEEBUS, loved this panel~!!!  The audience was amazing, the presentation was amazing, everything was amazing (AAA everything >.<).  The only thing I still need to work on with this presentation is timing & pacing (finished with about 10-20 minutes to spare X/), but I’m pretty sure I can have that fixed by the next incarnation ^.^
  • Guide to Buying ALL THE THINGS
    • Like mentioned in a previous post, was able to make it 2 hours, new problem was it actually went over 2 hours, so pacing problems as usual ~.~  Had a great crowd, great questions, comments, & a lot to help me build & improve this panel.  Definitely need to submit this idea to every con I’m going to.
  • Tales of Panels
    • Dude(tte), 3am for this panel…not that much attendance (not surprised), my co-panelist were late (not a big deal) & the other didn’t show up (had a good excuse, but you never contacted me so I find it hard to sympathize all that much ~.~), & the title of the panel probably wasn’t descriptive enough.  Next year, cement co-panelists early, DON’T make it 18+, & a better title.  Honestly, it was still pretty good, just too freakin’ late.

General Experience at Katsu 2013…

Welp, I already somewhat written about it here:


Besides this, even though this con was namely for doing panels, it was the first time I ever did so many cosplays.  I was Riviera from Growlanser 2 on Friday, Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate/Zero Saturday, & Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero Sunday.  It was only supposed to be 2, but because I made it into Cosplay Chess, I had the additional cosplay of Kiritsugu.  From this experience, I’m hype as f**k to do Cosplay Chess at wherever I can since I had such a great experience!  My only thing is to only do cosplays I really know & understand the character, or at least do some more research as to the mannerisms, poses, etc. of said character, not to mention I didn’t really talk for the fight scenes between pieces when I had to take someone out (‘cause he doesn’t really talk to his enemies [?]), & trying to work on more awesome cosplays for it (like Kanbe Kuroda [Sengoku Basara 3] & Lu Bu [Dynasty Warriors 7]).

Again, overall, really awesome experience, can’t wait to be here next year (hopefully, with more panels & better times), definitely rivaled my Otakon experiences, & has definitely been a great learning experience for how to run my panels & what to improve.


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