dj Date Masamune Logo of Excellence

dj Date Masamune Logo of Excellence

Interested in booking the most hilarious dj Date Masamune’s panel services?  Well, keep reading!


I enjoy the opportunity to present panels at any convention, being invited to do so as a guest is even better.  I function primarily on the East Cost & frequent cons in the MD/VA/PA/NJ areas, but I’m open to exploring new territory & new conventions.  However, especially with faraway conventions, I will require for my travel, registration/admission, & hotel to be covered.  Nothing fancy or special, just somewhere to lie my head, park my car, & the rest I can take from there.  Additionally, for any con that requests my appearance, I need at least my hotel to be covered.

I also request the typical free admission/registration & guest status that any & all guests would receive, otherwise, I require no “appearance fees” & am generally a cheap date.

If you’re interested, have any questions, etc., please fill out the contact form below & select “Booking” as the topic.


Interesting in working with the famous 6 sword wielding Daimyo???  Feel free to contact  me with “Co-Paneling” in the subject & we can work something out.  However, if interested in working with me on a panel for a a con that isn’t on the my tour list, I require that my room & possibly travel be covered.

General Questions

If you have in general questions about my panel services, please use the form below & select “General Questions” topic.

Useful Links

Previous Panels & Cons


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