Declaration of War: Rejection

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In the broadest sense of the word, it means f**king no, period.  There is no negotiation, no push-n-pull, it’s freakin’ no.  To keep pushing after receiving a firm and steadfast no is childish and tactless, to keep pestering the person is beyond stupid, and God forbid if you’re the type that takes to insulting the person and/or getting your friends to gang up on that person to make that person say ‘yes’ to whatever, there’s a special place in financial and employment Hell for the likes of you.

Let it go!  You didn’t get the answer you wanted to here, rejection can suck sometime, but to keep badgering the person about it is not going to help you in any way, shape, or form.  It’s best to let free and let live than keep pushing and pushing with no results until you completely alienated the other person and ruined a perfectly good relationship, whatever type of relationship that may be.

It can be even more frustrating in group project type settings in which you are presently more or less getting along with everybody, but they just keep pushing you to do something you don’t have to and don’t want to do (like bring your freakin’ laptop -.-), and won’t stop pestering you/ganging up on you about that.  Way to participate in group d**ckery guys/gals/, way to f***ing go >.<*


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