Notes for Lu Bu Cosplay Materials

Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors

For my reference’s sake, my working list of all the supplies & such I’ll need for my future Lu Bu cosplay (some of these supplies will be pulled from supply caches of other cosplays, so yeah >.>)…

  • Head
    • 2 red down feather boas
    • Red foam
      • Use from Codarl box
      • Make in ‘V’ shape & glue reg. Red feathers to it for base
  • Regular red feathers (for base of head piece)
  • Black felt/foam
    • Check Codarl box
  • Use silver duct tape for flourishing
  • Wooden dowels to support head piece arc
    • Wrap dowels in red tape
    • Sandwich in between red foam/feathers & boa
      • Cement with hot glue
  • Dark brown long wig
    • Check
    • Torso
      • Black gloves
      • Long sleeved black shirt
      • Brown tank top
      • Oriental fabric (Jo Anns or Hancock Fabrics)
        • Fabric that has a similar design
        • Black + design
  • Red fabric (for belt)
    • Check to see if I have leftover
  • Black ribbon (for belt)
    • Check for leftovers
    • Check Codarl box
  • Red ribbon with tassels on end (for bottom of robe)
    • Definitely saw some in JoAnns
  • Gold duct tape for embroidery
  • Belt buckle
    • Make design & attach to black foam
  • For asymmetrical coat
    • Get about 3 yards for fabric to be used
    • Black inside & outside
    • Left side-long; right side-regular coat length
    • Long side, split in the middle
    • Overlay fabric onto black shirt & attach to shirt
    • Legs
      • Black pants
      • Use black Velcro & elastic to attach armor
      • Feet
        • Regular black shoes
        • Armor/Additional
          • Poster board/stiff felt for armor
          • Black duct tape
          • Red tape
            • Use from Codarl set
  • Silver duct tape sheets
    • And rolls
  • Gold duct tape

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