Anime USA 2012 Panel Feedback Form

Anime USA 2013 Mascot & Theme

Here is the feedback form to fill out for any panels that you’ve attended that I gave @ good ‘ol Anime USA 2012.


  • Enter “N/A”, “NA”, or “None” in fields marked as required if you have nothing to enter, with the exception of the “Name” & “Email” fields (please fill those out).
  • Like any other feedback form, please pay attention to detail ^.^’  Don’t just say “This panel sux!”, say “This panel sux b/c it was really boring, long-winded, & not entertaining whatsoever.”  I need specifics!  I cannot improve or change anything when you just say ‘it sux,’ I need to know the deets.  If you say that, I’m just likely to skip over your entire feedback form ~.~  Also, even though it’s good & positive feedback, don’t just say “This panel was AWESOME!”, say “This panel was AWESOME b/c it was very detailed, well thought-out, & had great usage of other media items besides bland txt.”  In other words, use more than 5 words to give your opinion on whatever txt field it is.  Of course, I’m not trying to tell you exactly what to say (one way or the other) with my example feedback statements, I’m just giving you a general direction as to how to comment effectively on this form.  Carry on >,<


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