MAGfest 2014 Experience

Experience By Panel…

Only had the one, Obscure J-RPGs You Should Play, but, boy, did I have a helluvan  experience with this one >.<  In short, they had me slotted for a room that could hold around 800 people.  I thought this was way too much but it’s better than having no panel at all.  Then when I finally had my panel, & decided that I didn’t need to freak the f**k out for no particular reason, almost packed the freakin’ room @.@

I know, I know, almost doesn’t count, but this is the most people I’ve ever had for any panel EVAR & I was omega super ultra unlimited hype by this.  Not only that but I managed to keep a relatively big crowd throughout the duration of the 2-hour panel & received multiple complements both during & after the panel that it was super entertaining, some were looking forward to it all weekend, & other “Awww, that hits me right in the kokoro *sniff, sniff*” type complements.  Heck, one bro even mentioned to me that there was a line wrapped around the corner waiting on this panel.  I’m just happy I was able to deliver ^.^’;  Nobody wants an underperforming panelist; no extenze like supplement can fix that s**t >.>

I personally feel I didn’t show it enough, but I deeply appreciate & am truly grateful for every complement I received, every body in the chair, & for every person that laughed at my profanity laced jokes (granted, Jon St. Jon was right after me; as in someone who cusses way more than I could ever hope to).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing, I honestly got cut 1/3 of the way in, but then I had a group of people who willingly sat there & listened to me fangirl the remainder of the panel outside in another area & stay an additional hour-&-a-half+, so super thanx to those troopers XD  I need to bring things to these events to hand out to peeps for being such Ultima tier bros…

I could personally go on about this for forever since I had such an awesome time with this panel, this audience, & everything else, but what I did most definitely pull from this panel is that I need to spilt it up into multiple parts.  I was thinking at least 3, the first 2 covering the main part of the panel & the last covering the ‘honorable mentions’ section, but it depends on what the con does.  This way I could have smaller 1.5 to 2 hour session panels & not have to worry about not being able to finish in time.  Of course, this is all assuming that the panels dept. lets me do this at all >.> (side note: please do)

Also, minor note, if I could get my Valkyria Mode Baldren cosplay ready for next year’s MAGfest, I’d totally wear it during that panel…so I can be a literal light show during the panel (i.e.; more entertainment).

General Experience

In a word: excellence; in another: cold as ballz; & in 4/5: King of Fighters cosplay track.  This was a really fun convention that I’m definitely probably going to go to for years to come!  Bump Otakon Vegas, I’m staying right here in this cold a$$ state >.<  It’s like how Katsucon was for me last year; definitely going to be a permanent stop on my con tour & totally a way more fulfilling experience than Otakon.

Cosplay wise, I had a King of Fighters themed cosplay track with Mature on Thursday, Andy Bogard on Friday, Iori Yagami both Saturday & Sunday.  Makes it funny that I cosplayed fighting game characters but had a panel about J-RPGs ~.~  I feel for next year I’m definitely going all-out, especially if Valkyria Mode Baldren is successfully restored.

I’m also happy they got their forums up & running b/c it made it way easier to fill a room/find a room or ride & I feel all fan conventions should have forums to handle things like this & general con get-togethers.

Oh, & did I mention 2 Best Friends were in attendance?  Did I mention they stayed at the same hotel as my group??  Did I mention I ran into them constantly & they’re totally the awesomest bros???  No!?  Well, I just did.  Hope they come back next year.  There were several other awesome guests –more than that really—but they were the ones I was most hype to see.

So, in conclusion, if you’ve never been to a videogame convention, definitely go to this one!  Totally worth the $$$, time, & frigid ballz/cl*t freezing coldness ^.^;


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