Walther WA2000

Emiya Kiritsugu with Walther WA 2000


Actual Walther WA 2000

Here’s the finished Walther WA2000, & I have the sleep deprivation despite having to do a road trip the next day to prove it -.-

So. F**cking. Tired. X.X (But I won’t fall asleep on the road >.>)

Again, this prop gun is for my Kiritsugu Emiya cosplay for Otakon 2012.


2 comments on “Walther WA2000

  1. Sick prop gun + great cosplay choice:) I just finished watching Fate/Zero, and Kiritsugu Emiya was such an interesting character.

  2. This gun, like his Thompson Contender (http://toomanypics.tumblr.com/post/25705440618/kiritsugu-emiya-fate-zero-cosplay-progress) were a b*tch to make -.- ALL night was the amount of time it took to finish this thing…and it was totally worth it >.<

    Yes, Kiritsugu (Kiri-kun) & Fate/Zero were both EXCELLENT and the series is a great addition to the Fate universe. I couldn't possibly tell you all the feels I have for this series, but I can say it's currently my no.1 anime.

    Anyway, I greatly appreciate your compliment & I'm looking forward to cosplaying him ^.^

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