Anime Fandom Things I Hate: *Cosplayer Haters

Cosplay Batman & Joker - The Dark Knight

Cosplay Batman & Joker – The Dark Knight (Photo credit: flexgraph)

In particular, I don’t care if someone hates cosplaying or the idea of cosplaying, I just hate it when people hate on others because “they’re too ‘fat’… ” or “they’re too skinny…”  B*tch, then let’s see you do a better job >.<* !  Usually, these are either very shallow guys or severely low self-esteem ridden gals that just seemingly have an infinite supply of haterade to just pass around -.-

Although I’m the type of cosplayer who believes in cosplaying something that ‘complements your body type’ and to not cut too many corners in whatever you’re cosplaying, I do not believe in ridiculing & tearing cosplayers to shred because you think they’re “too fat”, which usually translates to she isn’t Hollywood deathly ill skinny, you judgmental, shallow, piece of s*it a$$hole -.-  I feel like the majority of cosplayers also have the same sentiments, but this is just tragically unnecessary hate on something that isn’t really supposed to be something so harshly judged.

Anyway, I’m the type who believes that, unless you can do a better job, I would be hesitant in making my shallow thoughts known to public, & let me just say a tremendous F*CK YOU, A$$HOLE if you’re just doing it as an attention whore wannabe troll on the internets.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s really hard to be so judgmental if you can’t do a better job yourself…so suck on that, d*uchebag )-|


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