My Cosplays

Just for the sake of having a list of all my cosplays for my reference’s sake, here goes nothing…(don’t forget to follow/like my cosplay FB page to get even more details about my cosplay stuff!)

  • Sango from InuYasha (very first cosplay & so very nostalgic.  Even though the cosplay was meh [it was my first time >.>], my Dad made one helluva boomerang, even though he hated anime & had few reference images to go by ~.~), Otakon 2004
  • Wein Cruz from Growlanser 2, Katsucon 2005 (when Katsucon was still meh ~.~  Tried to make the coat, bad f*cking idea -.-)
  • Akabane Kuroudo from GetBackers, halloween party of a friend, 2005
  • Ray Lundgren from GunXSword, Otakon 2007(?) – (My personal best cosplay w/ sewing & everything.  Probably was the first cosplay I did extensive research on the costume before I made it & set the standard of my making diagrams, going online for multiple reference images, pausing the DVD on the part with the character, making a materials list, etc. before I even did anything, which I should have been doing from the start <.<)
  • Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue, Otakon 2010 (my personal cosplay experience with the woes of cutting corners, despite it being my most expensive cosplay to date ~.~  Was the first cosplay I started getting wigs with, though >.>)
  • Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!, Otakon 2011 (I’m so ambivalent about this d*mn con & cosplay b/c I really couldn’t afford to go, but I went anyway like a dumba$$, which is why I cosplayed him vs. the mofo Codarl i/Venom I wanted to do, but I barely had enough $$$ for anything so I cosplayed him…like half of the mofo cosplayers there -.-   Worse con cosplay wise, even though it was a pretty good cosplay in and of itself)
  • UPDATE (8/8/12)-Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night & Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero, Otakon 2012.  I love both of these cosplays, possibly my best yet, & it was a very Fate/Type-Moon cosplay this Otakon, to say the least^.^
  • UPDATE (2/26/13)Kirei Kotomine from Fate/Zero, AUSA 2012.  Was a rush job just to have something to cosplay at a con namely for panels, but, hey, whaddya gonna do?
  • UPDATE (2/26/13)Riviera from Growlanser 2, Katsucon 19.  Was fun & my first long wig cosplay.  Fun to make & fun to wear!
  • UPDATE (2/26/13)-Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate/Zero, Katsucon 19.  Holy God that wig >.<*  Otherwise, fun cosplay ^.^
  • Update (3/26/13)Cliff Fittir from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Zenkaikon 2013.  Was up all night before Thursday finishing it, but totally worth it.  Would tweak some things before wearing it again though.
  • Update (3/26/13)Katherine McBride from Catherine, Zenkaikon 2013. Was really fun to do (got to wear a corset >.<) & turned out great, but the wig was several shades off.  May cosplay this for the last day of Otakon 20, but I definitely need a new wig.
  • Update (6/18/13)Grimmjow Jagerjaques from Bleach, AMA 2013.  Loved doing this cosplay!  Probably one of my better cosplays to date.
  • Update (6/18/13)Baldren Gassenarl from Valkyria Chronicles 2, AMA 2013.  This was a b*tch to make due to the cuirass he wears ~.~  I managed to find a method that was both cheap & durable and also wound up looking really nice, but jesu christo it was annoying to make.  This was my first experience with doing last minute cosplay things at the con itself and, yeah, never again >.>  Besides all this, it was fun to do, to make, & to wear, which is great because I plan to due his boss form for Otakon 2013.
  • Update (8/15/13)Ieyasu Tokugawa from Sengoku Basara 3, Valkyria Mode Baldren from Valkyria Chronicles 2, & Shin Natsume from Tenjhou Tenge, Otakon 20.  All of these cosplays required a fair amount of work, with the exception being Shin, & all pushed my skills to the limit.  Ieyasu tested my newly acquired skills from a recently purchased sewing machine, V. Mode Baldren testing every skill I’ve ever had ever, & even Shin testing my knowledge of Japanese culture & historical issues (see my swastika dilemma).  Granted, Shin & namely Baldren I wound up spending most of Friday night/early Saturday morning trying to finish, & forgetting to include some things with Baldren as well as having some major costume snafus (wings snapping mainly), I still was able to finish them & have a great basis to work with to rework for future cosplays.  All in all, fun cosplay experience for this con, granted I wished Ieyasu got a little more attention (since I put so much work into him), I’m pretty sure if I cosplayed him at another smaller con I would get the attention I would hope to get for that amount of work…or enter into cosplay chess/hall costume contest with him.  In any case, c’est la vie.
  • Update (10/7/13)Arcueid Brunestud (Tsukihime), Akio Ohtori (Utena), & an alternate costume for Arcueid, AUSA 2013.  Had to keep this cosplay track very simple since I had 8 then 9 panels to work on @.@.  Overall, great cosplay experience, I wanted to originally do the movie version of Akio but I couldn’t find the things I needed in time & I just decided to go with his series version, since I practically had everything for that cosplay anyway, much like Arcueid.  Had a fabulous time as Akio so I definitely want to do his movie version soon, or his Prince version, but we’ll see…Either way, going to have to buy another wig for him since the other one I butchered for this cosplay.
  • Update (1/13/14)Andy Bogard, Mature, & Iori Yagami all from King of Fighters, MAGfest 2014.  One of the best cosplay experiences I had in a long time!  The cosplay environment here was relatively laid-back vs. what I experience at cons like Otakon or Katsucon where the cosplay scene’s more fIeRcE, so this was a welcomed change of pace even though it’s a relatively big convention.  Despite being kind on the fence about 2 of these, people still recognized who was cosplaying & got some props for it.  In the future, I might make this the con where I always have a more structured themed cosplay track.
  • Update (4/7/14)Gakupo White Camelia/Poker Face from Vocaloid, Duke Venomania Gakupo, &Terry Bogard from King of Fighters (KoF), Katsucon 2014.  Holy jeebus, so much purple, so much fun >.<  I had a lot of fun this time around with my cosplays…with the exception of the gawd-awful wig I had for Gakupo X/  Basically, at any given moment I was both finger combing & actually combing the wig it was tangling so bad.  ‘Bout midday Friday I said ‘f**k it’ & cut half the bangs off, since they were tangling the worst.  Needless to say I threw that wig away when i got back home & have already purchased another one since I lan to do it again (Duke Venomania) for Zenkaikon ’14.  Also, despite spending all night Wednesday working on Duke Venomania’s jacket, looked pretty freakin’ awesome in the end ^.^  The only problem is that due to the material I used, like a plush velvet knock-off, it was constantly shedding all over my white pants ~.~  Thanks kami-sama I had a lent roller.  Had to carry it around with me all day & use it every other 5 minutes.  Terry Bogard, on the other hand, little to no problems.  So, overall, pretty good cosplay experience ^.^
  • Update (5/21/14)Duke Venomania Gakupo, Date Masamune (Brave 10), & Santa (999), Zenkaikon 2014.  Had a fun time cosplay wise this time around ^.^  Duke Venomania didn’t really give me any problems.  The new wig was great & it didn’t cause me any problems, although styling an updo on a wig was more annoying than what I was hoping it would be ~.~  The only truly annoying thing was the nail stick-ons.  They were fine until you washed your hands, then they started falling off like crazy X/  Date was great…just so many fabrics @.@  Also, going to the bathroom took about 15-20 minutes with all the layers not to mention it could be quite hot with so much on.  Besides this, had an awesome time cosplaying the infamous Daimyo.  The only real problem were the boot covers, which I have since thrown away & plan to remake for Otakon’s flamboyant rendition of this great one-eyed samurai.  Santa had the least amount of problems, just putting on his rags of a scarf was somewhat tedious but, otherwise, pretty straightforward.  Even managed to find some other Zero Escape cosplayers.  Lastly, cosplay pics (sans Duke Venomania…again X/) ^.^
  • Update (9/11/14)Akio Ohtori from Utena movieIori Yagami from KOF, & White Camellia Gakupo from Vocaloid, AMA 2014.  From now on, refer to my cosplay FB page to see more details.
  • Date Masamune (flashy version) from Brave 10, Maximilian from Valkyria Chronicles, & Envy Luka Megurine from Vocaloid 7 Deadly Sins series, Otakon 2014. From now on, refer to my cosplay FB page to see more details.

Although I can offer pictures of the characters, I can’t offer pictures of me actually cosplaying for some of them because I didn’t start taking pictures of cons until Otakon 2011, so f*ck me right there for herp derpin -.-  Fortunately, I keep all of my cosplay costumes, so one of these days I’ll take pictures of all the costumes and post them…somewhere ~.~


Also, check out my deviantART page & my Facebook page for my cosplay stuff!


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