Shin Natsume Cosplay Progress

Shin Natsume Collage (Tenjhou Tenge)

Shin Natsume Collage (Tenjhou Tenge)

In the vein of the other pages under the Otakon 20(13) section, will post links to posts related to this cosplay’s progress; however, I’ll just post everything here & make it one long regularly updated page vs. doing any blog posts.

Pics of wig that came in today (7/16/13):

You’ll have to excuse the silly faces (~.~), but that’s the generic white wig & white collared shirt I’ll be using for Shin.

Sword (completed at the con of course X/):

Shin's Reiki

Shin’s Reiki

This was a real quick & dirty sword & I could totally do way better, but it was good enough for what I needed it for.  However, this was also the first time I used aluminum tape & I plan to use that for all other swords now.

Picture of the final result can be seen here.


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