LG-Revolution (Photo credit: eatsmilesleep)

I “had” to buy an LG Revolution to replace my piece-of-s*it-constantly-breaking-down Droid 2 phone.  I bought it ‘lightly’ used off Ebay.com, since any phone 4G, brand spanking new pretty much costs all your $$$ & half your soul, I decided on that one because it was in my budget.

Unfortunately, this phone has been giving me more headaches than my last one & has been driving me crazy.  Let me also mention that my contract (with Verizon) won’t expire ’til 2013, so I have to make due with what I can get until then, since I gave up what was supposed to be my upgrade to my Dad (since he’s a cheapskate that was trying to do his very best to get the best phone for next to nothing, thanks Dad -.-), and it costs an arm & a leg to sever the mofo contract, so I didn’t really have a choice.  Granted, on the plus side, it’s 4G &, when it decides to work, it’s pretty freakin’ fast ~.~  I’m pretty sure if I got this phone brand spanking new it would be totally awesome, but with the way my finances are right now, not happening since I would have to pay the full retail mofo price, so…yeah X/



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