Grimmjow Wig Stylin’ – After/I Did My Best @.@’

So, here’s my first attempt at styling a wig…Mein kampf, what have I created ~.~

…Tots ambivalent about this wig (>.>)  I like the bangs, the way it hangs on the sides, & the way I spiked it in the back down to the end of the wig, which is what I like most about it.  However, it looks somewhat sloppy, but, honestly, what do I know?  It’s my first time stylin’ a wig & it wasn’t a great wig/character for beginner ‘stylists’ to learn how to…style with X/  I haven’t even tried it on yet (letting it dry over night), but I have a feeling I’ll like it more once I put it on.  Also, the quality of this wig is really meh.  I personally recommend not buying any wig from this seller if you’re using this as a guide for your own wig stylin’, but it held up enough for me to at least finish doing a decent spike job.  Usually when I get wigs (from China/Korea) on Ebay they’re of pretty good quality, but for the price I paid for this wig & what I got, not worth it.

In either case, that’s it for me tonight with ‘Cosplay Things.’


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