Otakon 2012 Thoughts

Otakon logo taken from their Tumblr page

My thoughts on Otakon 2012…

  • I really liked how fast the pre-reg pick up went on the Thursday before Otakon, but the BCC security guards are total d*uchebags -.-
  • “Ice Cold Water for Only a Dollar” guy is still there…and ripped ^.^
  • Thanks to my sole inserts for my shoes I bought a few days earlier, I didn’t have the major, shooting, excruciating feet pains I usually have at Otakon.
  • I don’t really like the trend of having most of the VA guests being people from whatever the anime debut series is.  It’s one thing when it’s a show like Hetalia where, even though I hate that show & it’s fandom, most of the VA were well established and famous, but when it’s a show with a bunch of debuting VAs…it’s kind of a waste ~.~
  • I hope this Power Ranger thing isn’t a trend.  I mean, I loved the Power Rangers when I was younger, and since the Black Power Ranger=Johnny Young Bosch=awesomeness, but, you know–ah, f*ck it, they better invite ALL the Power Rangers for next year’s Otakon >.>
  • ALL the Deadpool cosplays were awesome!  ‘Nough said.
  • Oh, Dealer’s room…I found a Final Getsuga Tenshou Ichigo for ~$48 on Amazon.com (legit model), but no less than ~$90 in the Dealer’s room…this is why I no buy from you…sometimes, but I sure as Hell bought that MG 1/100 Shinanju gundam model kit >.>
  • I hate that I missed the Gen Urobuchi autograph & Q&A sessions, but I did make the Kakihara & Tenjin signings ^,^
  • Def go to the con feedback session on Sunday, you may have to put up with a lot of B.S. ques., multiple ques. in one, outright nonsensical questions/suggestions, and whatnot, but it’s totally worth it!
  • F*ck driving in Baltimore when there’s this con going on & a baseball game -.-  Traffic’s horrendous and you have to deal with some d*uchebag baseball fans.
  • Next time I do a cosplay with thigh highs, definitely wearing a garterbelt ~.~
  • Whereas this year was a very Type-Moon Otakon, next year’s will probably be a very Sengoku Basara Otakon >.>
  • The guidebook app for Otakon…s f*cking awesome, you don’t even know >.<
  • I have never uttered “This is the point where I stopped caring”, “F*ck it!”, and “Ow! F*ck!” so much during the making of a costume before in my life ~.~
  • I have never e-mailed/contacted Otakon staff so much in my life -.-
  • I wish there was more Brave 10 cosplays >.>
  • I hate that I missed the Full Metal Panic! live-action fan made movie, but what are you gonna do?  There was about 20 different things happening at the same time (including the need to eat & hydrate) that I missed some things -.-
  • Even though there was a lot to do for the con, I made a lot of progress in Fate/Extra <.<
  • Definitely need to start doing cosplays that aren’t hot as ballz during the summer ~.~
  • Next year, I need to start hitting artist alley more…
  • Definitely after this con, I’m going to do my best getting my panels submitted & accepted at other cons to one day have my panel be accepted at the gloriousness which is Otakon >.<
  • I should always make sure my freakin’ camera is fully charged the night before Otakon -.-  Also, I need a better camera, right now my phone takes better pictures than this freakin’ camera >.>
  • Otakon staff, as far as the people who are running the show, are very helpful & are definitely doing their best to make Otakon as awesome as possible.

I’ll add more tomorrow, but right now, necesito dormir ~.~


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