Encoding the MP3 after the Memorial Day podcast

Encoding the MP3 after the Memorial Day podcast (Photo credit: rbieber)

Yeah, I’m going to be starting a podcast series soon-ish.  This series will feature short & sweet game reviews of primarily J-RPGs (Japanes role-playing games)/Japanese made games *and other anime/videogmae related topics.  For this series, every other post is going to be game related & the others will be about some anime/videogame related topic & be more or less like a rant.

*Like BlazBlue, Devil May Cry, MGS, etc; i.e., games developed in Japan but still available in America

Instead of trying to post stuff to this blog, I’m just going to start another blog that’s purely for posting the links to my podcasts & I’ll just post the links & basic info. here to link to there…’cause , yeah ~.~  Anyway, the link to the blog will be posted below, but I’ll still hyperlink to individual episodes from here & essentially have a working list of the episodes.  I’ll give more of an explanation of the format for this podcast series in the first episode, ’cause what better usage of the first episode than to give all the deets about the podcast series, and will try to release these on a weekly basis.

Lastly, most of the deets surrounding the podcast series & anything about it will be on that blog.  So, without further ado, here’s the link to…

Too Many Things


Podcast Episodes…

  1. Episode 1-Intro.
  2. Episode 2-Fate/Extra Review
  3. Episode 3-Anime USA (AUSA) 2012 Thoughts
  4. Episode 3.5-I’m Back, Beaches~!
  5. Episode 4-MAGfest 2014 & Katsucon 20 Prep Quickie
  6. Episode 5-Sengoku Basara 3

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