Codarl i/Venom Cosplay Progress – Start of Chaos, Descent Into Madness

Codarl i a.k.a. Venom from Full Metal Panic!

Now that Kiritsugu’s done, I now have the “pleasure” of working on my first mech cosplay ever, the Codarl i/Venom.  Here are some pictures of what I have so far with some notes…

First off, let’s start with what I have so far from the little I’ve done last year…

Chest Armor/Breast Plate

…this is how much I’ve finished right before Otakon 2011.  Since it’s a weird angle and I didn’t take a picture of the back, you can’t get a full view of it, but it doesn’t matter since I’ll probably be redoing the back anyway, as well as the fact that I’ll be taking a decent amount of pictures as I make more progress.  I plan to ‘paint’ it by red spray paint which I’ll be doing, hopefully, near the end of this week.  Quite frankly, the breast plate/torso armor and helmet are the most difficult parts of this costume, but I’ll shall persevere…hopefully ~.~

Continuing on…

‘Belt’ & Upper Leg Armor

Here’s the belt (I don’t know what to call it) and prototype upper leg armor that I’ve also done last year.  Although the belt’s fine, I just want to put a layer of poster board over everything and reduce the width, I’m definitely redoing the leg armor, namely by making it more shapely and everything more hexagonal.  Still not that difficult compared to the crap I have to do for the torso and head ~.~


Materials & Shoulder Armor

Here’s some of the materials (fun foam & stiff felt) that I’m using to make the costume.  I also have a crapload of poster board with a couple in particular that’s golden on one side & silver on the other to be used for the…fin thing on the back.  Also pictured are the shoulder armor protrusions.  They need a little more tape here and there to make it more along the shape it needs to be, but otherwise they’re fine, but I may just redo them to make them a little bigger anyway.

And for the newest purchases…

Knife & gloves, Dollar Store

Light for Codarl’s “eye”, Michaels

These are the newest items that I’ve purchased for this costume.  I just decided to get a cheap a&& fake knife from the Dollar store, because I don’t feel like making it, and some black rubber gloves.  However, I may just not use the gloves, because they really aren’t necessary for the cosplay (I can just make something to slide over my hands), and would make this hot cosplay even hotter -.-

For the bottom picture, I bought a pack of 4 submersible red lights that you would use for some table arrangement or another that I plan to use for the ‘eye’ for the helmet/mask.  This way, it lights up & it didn’t take me a BA in electrical engineering & a crapload of wires to do X/

That’s all I have right now, I’ll keep posting stuff as I make more progress during the week.  BUT BE WARNED, I will most likely be b*tching a lot since this is my first mech cosplay (with no help from anyone & using my own methods) and I have no idea what I’m doing (just winging everything) and you’ll probably see me start to slowly lose my sanity to make this cosplay happen with every additional post.

Lastly, link I’ve recently found with great reference images: Here.

Anyway, ciao!


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