Anime Fandom Things I Hate: Fandom Hate (Redux)

I’ve written about this before, but this is the Facebook status that I wrote about it.  Also, I like the way I worded this one better, so I just had t find a way to shove it on my blog somewhere…again >.>

Patch belonging to First Fandom member Emil Petaja

Patch belonging to First Fandom member Emil Petaja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written on 8/29/12…

That’s it, soap box time!
And, no, it’s not political, so you don’t have to be embarrassed about how little you know about your own party -.-

NO! I’m talking about my newly discovered hatred for fandoms. OH, how they b*tch when you don’t like their crap, piss & moan when you question their unbearable fanaticism, & somewhat general inability to converse about anything else other than their bulls*it fandom “thing.” The sad thing is that I usually like whatever the ‘object of their affection’ is, it’s just I’m not that obnoxious to hype it up to the point of impossibly epic proportions. What makes fandoms even worse is when they’re propagated by annoying a$$ White Suburban tweens, & you’ll understand that sentiment in a minute >.> Heck, most of these sentiments got to this point due to freakin’ Tumblr & con going, again, makes sense if you do either of these things. 

But lo, before you click like, comment, or whatever the f*ck you usually do, let me give you some…controversial examples to get your panties in a bunch, if you will (like I give a sh*t if you want me to or not -.-) . These are the most abhorrent fandoms that I feel pure anathema towards…

+One Piece fans – As a person whose guilty pleasure is Bleach & has the viewpoint that Naruto, Bleach, & OP are all equally good/sh*tty, I am TIRED of this fandom trying to sell me with, basically, “our s*it don’t stank/stink as badly.” It f’ing does, get over it. You prefer your s*it from OP, but it doesn’t make it any better, the crap’s slated for around 1000 chapters…you trying to seriously sell that to anyone just proves how ludicrous of a fandom you have -.-

+Avatar fans – Like Homestuck, not anime wtf. It’s fairly entertaining, but does it need this much hype?

+Dr. Who fans (of the born again Christian variety) – The show’s awesome, do I need to see my entire FB & Tumblr feeds overrun by it on an almost daily basis? No, & most likely a decent amount of your followers/friends don’t want to see that much Dr. Who either. It’s a great series, but NOTHING merits needing to be talked about that much (‘cept politics), not to mention it’s a series that’s been going on for around 50 years, so you didn’t get into anything new, regardless of new seasons.

+Homestuck – Holy sh*t, stop it! It’s NOT anime, so stop trying to make it fit -.- Besides Avatar & Hetalia, this is another fandom populated mostly by tweens, which explains why they’re so freakin’ annoying. Just b/c you like anime & this, albeit clever, webcomics series, doesn’t mean it belongs to the anime community. It’s like if table tennis tried to get in on the action, fame, & glory of American football; it makes no sense & it doesn’t belong there. Also, definitely a fandom populated mostly by suburban White tweens, coincidence that they’re annoying? No.

+Hetalia – I wanted to end with this b/c this is probably the only thing on this list that I actually don’t like both things; the fandom & the show itself. The show’s racist/uses racist stereotypes for the personified countries & turns WWII into a gay powwow…just, no. Also, fanbase comprised of mostly White suburban tweens.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the fans ruin everything, just as much as I know that there are exceptions to these things (but not many). So, you don’t need to throw your laptop/computer on the ground in rage at this, but it’d be funny if you did >.> Anyway, it’s not like you care or anything, but your rage/total accordance will make you like/comment one way or another >.>


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