Zenkaikon 2013

zenkaikon 2013

Zenkaikon 2013 Logo

Quote about Zenkaikon from their home page:


To promote knowledge and enjoyment of Japanese art, animation, and culture as well as science fiction and fantasy literature and films of all origins.


Zenkaikon was created in 2006 through the merging of two Philadelphia-area events — Kosaikon, an anime convention held at Villanova University, and Zentrancon, an anime and science fiction convention held on the University of Pennsylvania campus. In 2006, Zenkaikon held its first event at the Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Approximately 450 fans attended to attend educational panels, watch anime and science fiction screenings, meet celebrity guests, and participate in video gaming. By 2008, membership had nearly tripled. Having outgrown their previous venue, the staff decided to expand into the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge, where they welcomed nearly 2000 members in 2009. In 2011, the convention grew again, using the combined spaces of both the Valley Forge Convention Center and Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center. Over 3000 members came to the convention’s first year as a three-day event. In 2012, due to construction at the Valley Forge Convention Center Complex, Zenkaikon held its annual convention at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center complex. At the conclusion of the 2012 convention, Zenkaikon announced it would move to the Lancaster County Convention Center for its 2013 convention.

In 2011, Zenkaikon Entertainment, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. From it’s founding, the convention and the organization have always been run “by fans, for fans” with an all-volunteer staff.”

Panels I’ll be hosting:

  • Cosplay Smarter: Ways to Save On Your Cosplay – Fri., 3/22/13 from 11:45a-1p in Live 2
  • Obscure J-RPGS You Should Play (Available in America) -Fri., 3/22/13 from 7p-8:15p in Live 2


Panels submitted but not approved:

  • Fate Universe: The Noblest of All Phantasms
  • Bara vs. Yaoi
  • BlazBlue: Info. & Other Time-Paradox Buffoonery
  • Tales of…Everything
  • Con Experiences: The Good, The Bad, & The Awesomely Atrocious
  • How NOT to be a Fandom (I HATE Fandoms!)

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