Anime Fandom Things I Hate: Subjectivity vs. Objectivity


Objectivity (Photo credit: Nefi)

If you’re a Facebook friend or you know me in real life, you’ve heard me state passionately about how f*cking much people do this in the anime community, but since this is a mostly new crowd, I get to state it all over again ^.^

I really hate it when people state their subjective beliefs (like not liking a show) as objective fact (“This show sucks!”)  There’s a difference between what you feel, I don’t like this show, and what is the honest undeniable truth, the show actually sucks, which is usually something near impossible to “prove” beyond a reason of a doubt.  The only way for that to be true is if everyone hated the show, it did horribly in every review, & it did abysmal in ratings, that’s the only way to state as objective fact that a ” show sucks” and since most times this is never the case, no one can ever say this objectively.


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