Riviera (Growlanser 2)

Riviera from Growlanser 2

Riviera from Growlanser 2

Here’s my rendition of her outfit…

Some notes…

  • So, real quick, tots going to redo these darned shoes X/  I made these shoes before I bought the pumps, so now I need to redo the whole things, so don’t worry, I know they look like crap, but for the sake of taking this picture, I included them >.>
  • The white skirt is from American Apparel, & it’s definitely going to be used in Irisviel’s (Fate/Zero) & Charlone’s (Growlanser 3) cosplay
  • The gold chain for her necklace is the result of wandering around AC Moores’ jewelry section tying to piece together how I was going to B.S. her necklace, & it turned out pretty awesome, so I’m happy with it
  • The bag has her wig in it, bought from Ebay.  It’s a generic silver, long, curly wig & can be seen in my Irisviel pic
  • The red barrette thingy on the wig bag is for her hair bobble which I have since confirmed is only on one side of her head
  • The black mass to the left are the leggings, which can be bought from virtually anywhere
  • The smaller black mass to the right are her gloves, which I didn’t unfold for the picture ’cause I’m an idiot =.=, but they have the same one finger glove design.  Incidentally, forgot to include the white slightly butchered socks that will be the white part of her gloves
  • Black sleeveless turtle neck (which originally was long sleeved) was bought from Goodwill

This outfit is planned as the second cosplay for Katsucon 2013, which I may or may not be going to depending on panel acceptances/rejections, ’cause I still haven’t heard from them…any freakin’ day now :/


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