Prop Commissions

Since I’ve been really brushing up on my prop making skills, I definitely would like to offer my services to anybody looking to get a quick and easy prop for their costume.  Although I’ve made things like scythes and swords before, my recent props have been very gun-centric, but my skills are very diverse.

Also, please keep in mind potentially high shipping costs when it comes to mailing relatively large items in the mail. Lastly, I will always opt in for signature upon receipt & tracking for everything, which will also factor into shipping costs. All shipping information will be related back to the client via Paypal. With every project, upon delivery of the item, I will contact the client to make sure everything’s okay.

However, in the case of bigger props, I will ask for the shipping cost along with labor fees for the second payment vs. being included in the first payment, so I can give a more solid estimate for the shipping price.

Additionally, send me as many reference images as possible for the prop you wish me to make so I can make something as close to the original as possible. I will request this before anything is agreed upon or decided on, so already have a folder of pictures to send to me once you fill out the form below to save time.

All commission costs will have a $40 + materials and shipping costs for smaller items, or $60 + materials & shipping for larger items to determine the total cost of any commission. The difference in price for labor costs for larger props is due to the extra amount of work and effort of having to make a prop with durability and longevity in mind but would require me to make it so it can break down into smaller segments to reduce shipping costs and make it easier to handle in general. In addition to that, making a prop this way would result in way more work and effort to make it and would increase the average amount of time it would take me to create the prop, hence higher costs. Also, all commissions require a downpayment in the amount the materials necessary for the prop commission as well as shipping costs, the other part (the $40 or $60 labor fees) will be paid before the mailing of the prop and upon the customer’s satisfaction with the final product (will send pictures to the customer of the final product before mailing it).  All payments will be made through Paypal for the safety of both the customer and me as the seller.  Once a final amount is settled upon, I will send you a request for the downpayment and invoice via Paypal, and I will send another request for the rest of the payment once the item is completed.


  • Request/Receive reference images of item to be created
  • Determine if I can finish in the timeframe given
  • **If I can’t, reply with such with a referral to another place for a commission
  • **If I can, will reply with such & inform the client that I will spend the next 2-5 days researching materials, costs, shipping & will reply back as soon as I have a list formed with all the costs, materials, & such that I can show the customer
  • During this time, will determine if materials are okay or if the client has a specific material in mind to use; will also work towards & acceptance of the cost of the total product, agreement to pay the materials+shipping cost before the project is underway, & a few other terms of the payment 
  • Upon agreement to these terms, will create an invoice with terms & conditions discussed previously in Paypal to request partial payment 
  • Upon receiving the payment, will begin work on the project; throughout working on the product, will regularly update the client on the status of their item with pictures; this will also give the client time to comment on anything they don’t like on the product before its completion
  • Upon its completion, will send multiple pictures of the final product to the client; once the client gives the green light, will send the final invoice requesting payment for the rest of the project (labor fees) & will mail it out upon receipt
  • ***Also, when mailing items, I will include signature upon receipt & tracking in the shipping costs
  • Upon mailing the item, will e-mail the client the tracking number
  • Once delivered, I will contact the client a day later to make sure everything’s okay & that the item arrived in one piece

If the customer is unsatisfied with the product after its completion and before it is mailed out, the customer will be charged a %15 fee and be refunded the remainder amount. I do this because even though you may not be satisfied with the product, I still put a lot of time and effort into creating the product and it would be absolutely unfair to me to basically waste a lot to create something and make no money from it whatsoever.
Anytime before completion of the product but after development of the prop will be charged a %5 fee and refunded the rest following the same principle mentioned before.
Refunds will not be given once the prop has been delivered. Returns may be accepted with my paying for return shipping depending, otherwise, returns will be accepted and may be at the cost of the customer. Will discuss before anything is mailed back.

My previous props…


-Recent Prop Commission: Artemis scythe for Yuki Cross/Kuran from Vampire Knight (Progression to Completion)-

Anyway, fill out the form if you’re interested in requesting my services for a potential commission and I’ll contact you A.S.A.P. so we can start going over the specifics ^.^  If you just have some general questions about my modus operandi for prop commission, e-mail me at the.codarl.ii(@) with subject line ‘Prop Commission Inquiry.’

Upon completion of going over the specifics of the commission, I will create an invoice via Paypal with the terms and conditions of the commission. Again, the specifics of the terms & conditions of the prop commission will be discussed beforehand in the planning stage before an invoice stating the same thing is created.


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