Anime USA 2012

Anime USA 2012 Mascot & Theme

Quote about AUSA from home page:

What Is Anime USA?

In 1999 AnimeUSA began as a northern Virginia convention started by fans, and in 2004 become a non-profit educational organization. Our mission is to educate the public about and promote Japanese arts and popular culture. As in the beginning, we remain a convention of fans, by fans, and for fans.”

Panels I will be hosting at this con (time/place TBA):

  • Unlimited Bleach Works
  • Fate Universe: I Am the Bone of My Panel… (18+)
  • Weeaboos, Japanophiles, Race, & Actual Japan
  • Guide to Buying ALL the Things
  • Tropes & Trends in Yaoi (18+)

The panels that I submitted that didn’t get approved are as follows…

  • Tropes & Trends of Yaoi
  • I Hate Fandoms!

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