“Road To Otakon” Panel Tour

Road cut into the barren hills which lead into...

Road cut into the barren hills which lead into Emmett, Idaho (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

As I somewhat already mentioned, I’m going to these various cons and doing panels in an effort to gain enough “street cred” to get at least one panel accepted at Otakon 2013.  Additionally, now that I’ve done at least one con and am simultaneously preparing for 2 cons -Zenkaikon & Katsucon- I’ve decided for sure that I totally want to keep doing panels at various anime cons and will document these ventures on this part of my now newly elected clusterf*ck of a blog ~.~

Anyway, listed below are the cons & basic info. of each con that I have slated for this tour.  Of course, I won’t know for sure if I’m hosting a panel at a con or not until within a month or two of the con, but these are the cons I’ve definitely have in my sites for attending (in order)…

  1.   Anime USA (AUSA) – Completed
  1. Katsucon – Completed
  1. Zenkaikon – Completed
  1. AnimeNEXT
  1. Anime Mid-Atlantic – Completed
  1. Otakon (final stop) – Completed!!

I plan to do a few more cons for the next run of the tour, which will be titled “On the Road BACK to Otakon” panel tour (assuming Otakon accepts one of my panels this time around), but for now these are the cons that I plan to attend…if they’ll have me ~.~


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