Frackin’ Game Systems

(left to right) Xbox 360, PS3 fat model, & Wii

So, over the course of my final year of college & the years preceding it, I’ve officially purchased all 3 of the last gen’s consoles (with skins for each), along with owning a PSP & planning to buy a DS or 3DS…eventually ~.~

The “First World Problem” aspect?  Do you know how much these b*tches cost (even if purchased pre-owned)?  Too much to think about right now, especially the 60GB PS3.  Oh, the money I could probably have right now if I wasn’t a gamer -.-  Not to mention the fact that I bought them at all, woe is the gamer who must have every game of their choosing X/

At least I can say that I bought them with my $$$, right?  Right?!


5 comments on “Frackin’ Game Systems

  1. To save you some money, don’t get a 3DS if you haven’t done so already. I only used mine for travelling, where as the original (phatttt) DS I had I played with pretty much every day for hours as if it was a full console and not a handheld. Very dissapointed with the 3DS game choices 😦 at the moment it is little other than a novelty for me anyway, I may as well have saved my money and just used my original DS.

    • Yeah, I was looking at that. I mean, even PSP had some decent game choices from the beginning; granted, over time PSP started to accrue more game titles, which could very well be the case for 3DS, but I’m just going to buy the DS iXL.

      At this point (at least on, they’re pretty cheap at this point (used), & from what I heard, 3DS isn’t backwards compatible with Gameboy Advance games (my beloved Golden Sun DB>), which I believe is still possible on the DS i XL(?), so I’m just going to buy that instead…eventually >.> I really want it because I want to play the Phoenix Wright games, as well as a few others, but I’ve just been waiting for the time when; a) I have the $$$; & b) They’re super cheap ~.~

  2. Yep, you’re right, you can’t play GBA games on them, which I didn’t know at the time of purchase, and was pretty annoyed when I discovered this, as it meant keeping my old fat DS to play them on, kinda defeated the point in getting a 3DS, especially as the only 3D games I had were Zelda and (don’t laugh) Pirates of the Carribean 3D (which of course, was utter crap.) Yep, defo go used, I sold my 3DS and whoever bought it got a pretty good deal, the thing was like new, I had kept all the packaging down to the little sleeves the charger and console come in, so there are certainly some gems out there! My fatty DS is also like new, aside from a few badly placed stickers I got free in NGamer Magazine haha!

    I’m not sure if the XL one has the GBA feature or not, but I am imagining it would, or it would be sort of a downgrade….. :\ !!

    • Just checked on backwards compatibility, which I should have done before, definitely backwards comp., and available (used) for as low as $85 ^.^ May just buy this next paycheck >.<

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