Katsucon 19 Pics & Swag

Although I didn’t take that many pics, here’s what I have:

Pics of Con (Top) & Con Swag (Bottom)…

  • Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky) & Night Raid 1941, although not bought from anybody at Katsucon (bought it on Amazon app), it was a purchase inspired by a panel about WWII’s effect on Japan  their both great anime series, especially Sora no Woto.  Definite must see!
  • Queen’s Blade art book from Anime Castle.  Every time, every con, I’m always like “Who’s this awesome vendor???”  Like clockwork, it’s freakin’ Anime Castle.  Back story, I’ve been buying from these ppl. for years &, like an Alzheimer’s patient, am always amazed whenever I see their stall, only to realize it’s the same freakin’ ppl -_- Go me.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koru Ni (When They Cry) from Manga Gamer
  • Purple rose ring from ZelasArt.com
  • Brave 10 Date & Isanami from animesekai.com

This was the first time I ever really went to the Artist Alley, partly inspired due to seeing Hooked on Chibis’ panel ‘ARTIST ALLEY 101 w/ Sarah from Interrobang Studios‘ & giving them a commission (Caster from Fate/Extra), but is something definitely worth every con goer’s time.  Honestly, I wanted to do artist alley myself, but with panels I probably won’t have time.


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