Con Swag

Here are the things I bought while at good ‘ol Otakon 2012.  I’m doing this mainly to document ALL THE THINGS that I did while at Otakon, and not to brag.  Anyway…


* – 1/100 MG Shinanju, Char’s gundam from Gundam Unicorn.  This gundma’s so bada&&, I can’t even begin to fangirl over the awesomeness of this smexy gundam @.@

** – My yaoi/yaoi grab bag overhaul & Fate/Stay Night stuff.  I didn’t realize the Fate stuff was double-sided, all the more awesome, it was just a shame they (Anime Castle) didn’t have pics of the guys as well.

& – I pretty much swore I wouldn’t buy any wall scrolls unless they were from one of 5 series with specific characters…cue Kiritsugu…go***mmitt ~.~  Oh, and you can’t forget Madoka >.>

&& – To get around having to unroll the actual poster that they signed, here’s a ticket to the Kakihara & Michael S. signing.  Pretty freakin’ sweet!

&* – Finally, also from the Anime Castle table, Full Metal Panic! & Fate/Stay Night poker cards.

Lastly, this awesomeness was had at the Hidetaka Tenjin signing!!

Hidetaka in the flesh! I bet you Gundam fanboys are mad jelly right now ^.^

Although I’m not that big into Gundam, but I’m definitely doing Gundam Unicorn now, I relate to his work namely in Aquarion because I so f***ing love that show >.<  This show’s available here if you’re interested.


UPDATE (8/9/12): I forgot I bought this art book while in the Dealer’s room too.  Dios mio, I could have easily spent $300+ on art books alone if I wasn’t being prudent with how I spent money ~.~

Growlanser series art book



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