Grimmjow Wig Stylin’ – Before Mad N00b Stylin’ skillz

Here are some pics before I began stylin’ my Grimmjow wig that I bought here on Ebay…

…it’s more or less a ‘generic’ Grimmjow wig.  I wish I spent more time looking around on Google vs. relying solely on Ebay for a cosplay wig, ’cause I could have found a wig already styled (which is what I always do) vs. having to style it myself…which I’ve never done before ~.~  So, this was a learning experience to begin (& end) all learning experiences when it comes to stylin’ a wig for cosplay.

I used this & this to style the wig according to several tutorials on YouTube, like this one, & used reference images of other people’s wigs & of the actual character.  Again, found all these pics & tutorials using a Google image/search.


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