Cosplay Things

Cosplay - AWA14

Cosplay – AWA14 (Photo credit: mikemol)

This section will be dedicated to cosplay related things, as the name would imply.  I made this section namely as an outlet for all of my cosplay juices as to prepare for otakon 2012.

(What’s cosplay?)


2 comments on “Cosplay Things

  1. Your cosplay outperforms ours. Ours consists of wearing street clothes and asking people that take the time to make a costume if they wouldn’t mind terribly if we take their picture. If we were to cosplay however, one of us would play Jesus with Horns and the other would be the Devil with Halo. Or, I would personally like to make a costume to parody the cover of Paradox Press’ The Big Book of the Weird Wild West. I have ideas … Godspeed, F*ck Everyone.

  2. Welp, when it comes to cosplay, you gotta start somewhere, and the funnier/more creative, the better. My cosplays are decent, but I tend to cut corners & f*ck up some quintessential part of the costume, but whatevs, I tried ~.~ Anyway, thanks for the encouragement & godspeed to you too with any other cosplays you guys are doing ^.^

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